Industrial gutter cleaning In Walsall.

Industrial Gutter Cleaning In Walsall - IRM Roofing

IRM roofing was tasked to carry out industrial gutter cleaning in Walsall, on behalf of Echo Island, a leading fashion retailer from the Midlands. The leaking warehouse gutter in Walsall, across the thirty linear metre long and six metre high industrial valley roof needed cleaning together with gutter joints sealing, so we dispatched a two man team to carry out the works.

The first stage was to clean out the valley gutter with brushes and buckets, then in order to complete the overall works in a single day, a leaf blower was used to help dry them out before the valley gutter joints could be sealed. Once dry, a Flexacryl waterproofing product was used to seal the valley gutter joints.

Below are photos from the industrial valley gutter cleaning In Walsall. If you require industrial roofing works then look no further than IRM Roofing in Walsall. Please contact us to enquire. We serve commercial customers across the West Midlands.

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Dirt, moss and sludge before valley gutter work commenced.

A view of the dirt, moss and sludge before work commenced at the industrial gutter cleaning in Walsall.

Gutter cleaned and dried with brushes and buckets, and leaf blower.

First stage completed, gutter cleaned out with brushes and buckets, and leaf blower used to help dry it out.

Walsall industrial valley gutter cleaning at completion, with Flexacryl applied.

A view of the Walsall industrial valley gutter cleaning at completion, with Flexacryl applied to the joints.