Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge Corrosion - Industrial Roofing and Maintenance

Industrial Roofing in Walsall were instructed to repair cut edge corrosion using Giromax Seamsil for Six Degrees Managed Data Ltd in Studley, Warwickshire. This cut edge corrosion repair in Warwickshire is a perfect example of many intimate projects our Walsall roofing experts undertake. And for this particular project we dispatched a team of three over a four day period.

The cut edge corrosion was stemming from the industrial roof's plastisol coating, which was peeling away from the roof sheet ends. This is where cut edge corrosion usually begins, as edge peel at the cut edges of a metal sheet. It generally develops through normal weathering, mainly at overlaps and eaves and accelerates through capillary water held in the lap. The result is cut edge corrosion.

As Giromax approved installers we of course used the excellent Giromax Seamsil 100 application in the cut edge corrosion repair. Giromax is the British Steel approved method of treating cut edge corrosion and carries a 10 year material guarantee.

During the project the customer asked for the gutters to be painted with bitumen primer and the roof fixings to be renewed with modern moulded head screws. All of the Warwickshire industrial roofing work was carried out using harnesses and lanyards fixed to existing safety lines.

Below are photos from the IRM cut edge corrosion repair in Warwickshire. If you are experiencing cut edge corrosion in Birmingham or beyond then please contact us at Industrial Roofing in Walsall. We serve commercial customers all over the UK and are here to help.

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Cut edge corrosion expert using a leaf blower to dry off excess rainwater

One of our cut edge corrosion experts using a leaf blower to dry off excess rainwater ready for the topcoat application of Giromax Seamsil.

Giromax Seamsil base and top coat application

In this picture the right hand side shows the Giromax Seamsil base coat application, and the left hand side shows the finished top coat applied.

Giromax competency inspection to issue guarantees

Giromax representative Matt Bishop inspection with the client to confirm the competency of a successful application, enabling Giromax to issue guarantees.

IRM roofer wearing a harness whilst working on the cut edge corrosion

IRM roofer wearing a harness whilst working on the cut edge corrosion. With no handrail fitted the applicators were attached to existing safety lines.