Industrial gutter cleaning in Northampton.

Industrial Gutter Cleaning In Northampton - IRM Roofing

IRM Roofing was contracted to undertake industrial gutter cleaning in Northampton, to a large office outlet. The existing gutters had not been cleaned for four years and were experiencing problems with filling up and overflowing internally into the warehouse below.

We dispatched a two man IRM roofing team over a ten day period to Northampton, to clean out the six 100m long industrial gutters, and to bag and remove all the detritus and rubbish from site via skip. During the works the team also unblocked numerous syphonic outlets across the gutters. They were harnessed and clipped to existing man safe safety lines whilst working near perimeters.

Below are photos from the Northampton gutter cleanout. If you require industrial gutter cleaning then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at IRM Roofing. We serve commercial customers across the West Midlands.

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View along 100m industrial valley gutter with detritus build-up.

View along one of the 100m industrial valley gutters before the cleanout began, showing the extent of the detritus build-up.

Valley gutter with debris and green vegetation build-up.

Another view along one of the valley gutters before work commenced. The green vegetation on the roof sheets had been pulled out of the gutter.

Blocked syphonic outlet.

Close-up showing one of the gutter syphonic outlets before cleaning. When the rainwater builds up, it is sucked down the outlet. If the outlet is partially blocked it becomes inefficient.

Syphonic outlet being cleaned out.

There were approximately 10 syphonic outlets to each of the 100m long industrial gutters. Here is a close-up showing one of them being unblocked and cleaned out. The bolts around the edges hold the syphonic outlets in place.

Industrial valley gutter cleaned out.

View of a valley gutter during the cleanout, where brushes, shovels and dozens of refuse bags were all utilised (even leaf blowers were used to give the gutters a last blow out). The plastic devices are leaf guards positioned to help protect the outlets from debris build-up.

Completed view of industrial gutter cleanout with just leaf guards to be re-positioned.

Completed view of the gutter cleanout with just the leaf guards to be re-positioned.

Completed industrial gutter cleanout in Northampton.

Another view of the completed gutter cleaning in Northampton, with leaf guards back in position.

Industrial gutter cleaned out with rubbish bagged ready for roof extraction.

View showing the amount of detritus removed from one of the 100m long valley gutters, bagged up ready for roof extraction.

Hi-level view along 100m valley gutter after cleanout.

Hi-level view along one of the 100m valley gutters after the cleanout. In an effort to avoid such detritus build-up in future (which can speed-up / lead to bigger underlying gutter problems), we generally advise for industrial gutters to be cleaned annually, at the very least.