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At Industrial Roofing in Walsall, we use Plygene Gutterline by HD Sharman as our product of choice when dealing with gutter installations, gutter maintenance, gutter refurbishment and gutter repairs. We are gutter specialists and Plygene Gutterline approved installers. This five minute video by HD Sharman provides an introduction to Plygene Gutterline, accompanied by the written introduction below. For more information or to enquire, please contact us at Industrial Roofing and Maintenance Ltd by telephone (at the top of the page) or by clicking “enquire”.

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Plygene Gutterline

Although for most of the time we generally take gutters for granted, when they do go wrong, that's when everyone notices them. Years of collecting water and debris plus an unrelenting cycle of dampness and dry fluctuating temperatures and constant building movement, inevitably take their toll, and eventually nothing is more certain. All gutters begin to leak.

At one time when this happened there were really only two alternatives, replacement or repair. Replacement was always expensive, and often when the gutters formed an integral part of the fabric of the building, it was impractical, uneconomical or virtually impossible.

Repairs on the other hand usually meant patching up the thick gluey coating of a bitumen-based seal that had to be applied while the damaged gutter was perfectly dry, and had to be thoroughly cleaned, and when it wasn't going to rain until everything had gone off and set. Not very easy in the unpredictable British climate.

But in the late 1980s all that changed. HD Sharman Ltd developed their now acclaimed rubberised Plygene Gutterline System. This simple economical remedy to cure leaking gutters is joint free, quick and easy to fit in virtually all weather conditions. And once installed it produces guaranteed waterproof results. The even better news is that Plygene Gutterline works for virtually any type of gutter, for any length, any width, and for any profile.

All Plygene Gutterline is manufactured in the HD Sharman factory using their own exclusively formulated and fully patented rubberised Plygene, which if you have never handled it is a supremely pliable yet ruggedly resilient material that you will find forms effortlessly to the shape of the gutter to produce a one piece waterproof seamless lining.

Plygene Gutterline's technical superiority and unique performance characteristics mean that once it is fitted it will contend with the most extreme climatic changes, and is even able to tolerate severe structural movement without splitting or cracking.

All Plygene Gutterline is custom made for each contract and it's applied on seamless rolls to ensure it provides the maximum waterproofing effectiveness. And with a minimum of mechanical fixing required, I.R.M. Industrial Roofing in Walsall can fit even the longest, widest lengths within a very short space of time, in most weather conditions, without dismantling the roofing cladding. All of which both from practical as well as from an economical point of view is excellent news all round.

The liner itself however is only one part of a package. As a complete solution the Gutterline system offers a fully comprehensive catalogue of components that enable every project to be approached with absolute confidence.

Components include amongst others, outlets, corners, stop ends, siphonic outlets, boundary joints, and where required hold down straps to counter the strongest of winds on the most exposed of roofs. And if these Gutterline off-the-shelf accessories don't for whatever reason fit the bill then bespoke components can be produced to overcome most individual fitting problems, no matter how complex or how unusual those might be.

Rubberised Plygene Gutterline is now the preferred gutter lining system for I.R.M. Industrial Roofing in Walsall who now actually recommend Plygene Gutterline as part of their refurbishment and new build specifications.

With its ever-increasing popularity Plygene Gutterline has been used to stop gutters leaking on just about every type of building you can imagine from old Victorian mills to modern shopping malls, from warehouses to mansion houses, and from small office buildings to massive structures like St Pancras station.

Believe it or not, gutters in excess of 200 metres long have been successfully lined with a single length of seamless joint free Plygene Gutterline, while gutters which are even over 4 metres in width have posed no problem for the versatility of the Plygene Gutterline system.