Installation of industrial roofing in Banbury

Industrial Roofing in Banbury - IRM Roofing

IRM Roofing were contracted to carry out some industrial roofing in Banbury at the Banbury Cross Retail Park. It was part of a major refurbishment programme over the entire retail park, which also included installing Plygene Gutter Liner.

With a new tenant due to take over the lease, the task was to remove the old corroding outer roof panels and replace them with new 0.7mm thick Plastisol coated, box profile metal roofing sheets, which held a long 25 year life expectancy. The inner panels and existing insulation remained in place.

The Banbury industrial roofing works needed to be completed within a two week time frame in order to allow other trades to continue the internal works, so we allocated a highly experienced four man team to ensure all went to plan.

Below are photos from the project. If you require industrial roofing in Banbury then please contact us. We serve commercial customers all over the West Midlands and UK.

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Safety netting installed inside using cherry pickers.

View from inside the building before roofing work begins. Safety netting installed using cherry pickers.

Outside view before starting the roofing works.

The roof spanned 2,000 square metres and 6 metres high to the eaves. Outside view before starting.

Scaffold edge protection and Butyl sealant box.

Scaffold edge protection fitted in the background for safety. Butyl sealant box also in view.

Old and new metal roofing panels during installation.

View of old and new metal roofing panels during the industrial roofing in Banbury installation.

Exposed existing fibre glass insulation.

The existing fibre glass insulation remained in place after removing the old Banbury roof panels.

A view up the Banbury industrial roof.

The new and old roofing panels were lifted on and off the roof using a telescopic fork lift.

Butyl sealant applied by our IRM Roofing experts.

The Butyl sealant was applied by hand, up and down the corrugations, ensuring an unbroken seal.

Plastisol coated 0.7mm thick box profile metal sheets.

The Plastisol coated, 0.7mm thick box profile metal sheets carry a 25 year life expectancy of material.

Our Banbury industrial roofing experts fitting the metal panels.

Fitting the metal roofing panels into position, being careful not to break the Butyl seal before fixing.

Panels screwed down using 'tek' screws.

The panels were screwed down with self drilling 'tek' screws, following manufacturers guidelines.

One of our Chas accredited industrial roofing installers in Banbury.

Close up of our Chas accredited industrial roofing installers in Banbury, fitting an edge flashing.

View of the completed industrial roofing in Banbury (left hand side as you look).

A view from the ground of the completed industrial roofing in Banbury (left hand side as you look).