Industrial Roof Cleaning And Cut Edge Corrosion In Swindon

Industrial Roof Cleaning And Cut Edge Corrosion In Swindon

As industrial roofing specialists in Walsall IRM Roofing undertake a variety of works. One such project included industrial roof cleaning in Swindon (Westlea) on behalf of PJE Limited. The client was preparing the industrial unit for an incoming tenant and our job description was to both clean down the roof and GRP rooflights using a pressure washer, and to treat the cut edge corrosion in Swindon on the metal roof sheets by applying Giromax Seamil 100.

IRM Industrial Roofing in Walsall dispatched a team of four industrial roof cleaning experts for the two week project. Normal roof cleaning methods were insufficient to clean down the rooflights, so our roofing experts suggested first using an anti-bacterial spray to attack the fungi which had developed and then to use a pressure washer with 2,000 psi. The results of the wash down were superb with the customer commending our expertise and knowledge in order to achieve such a high quality finish.

Below are photos from our industrial roof cleaning in Swindon. To enquire about industrial roof cleaning, cut edge corrosion or the use of our Giromax specialists in Swindon, Birmingham or beyond, please contact us at IRM Industrial Roofing in Walsall. We serve commercial clients all over the UK and are here to help.

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Industrial roof cleaning with pressure washer

One of our industrial roofers cleaning down the roof and rooflights with a pressure washer at 2,000 psi.

Rooflight cleaning in Swindon

A closer shot of us cleaning the rooflights. We begin to see the quality of finish being achieved.

Cleaning rooflight with pressure washer

Close up of the 2,000 psi pressure washer in action. It makes a hell of a difference.

Roof safety netting

Safety netting installed by Albion Scaffolding (a preferred contractor of IRM) using a cherry picker.

Industrial roofers in Swindon

Our industrial roofers in Swindon, washing down, treating cut edge corrosion and applying Giromax.

Cut edge corrosion in Swindon

Treating the cut edge corrosion in Swindon included applying Seamsil mastic (part of the Giromax app).

Rooflight cleaning specialists

Foreground shows the cleaned rooflights with the yet to be cleaned rooflights in the background.

End lap prepared and seamsil mastic applied

Left, end lap prepared / seamsil mastic applied. Right, mastic has been tooled in / basecoat applied.

Swindon Giromax Seamsil

Shows the Swindon Giromax Seamsil 100 mastic and basecoat applied, ready for topcoat.

Giromax basecoat applied to top of cleaned rooflights

Cut edge corrosion treated and Giromax basecoat applied at the top of the cleaned rooflights.

Haki Tower for roof access

Shows the Haki Tower for roof access together with scaffold edge protection for safety.

Finish of the industrial roof cleaning

A look at the finish of the industrial roof cleaning works and cut edge corrosion in Swindon.