Overclad an old asbestos roof in Walsall with a new metal roof

Overclad Asbestos Roofing In Walsall - IRM Roofing

Industrial Roofing and Maintenance Ltd was tasked to renovate an existing asbestos cement (a/c) roof in Walsall that was cracking and porous with age, on behalf of Jomail Mosque. We dispatched a team of four of our Walsall asbestos roofing experts to carry out the works over a four week period.

The old asbestos roof spanned six slopes (each 100 metres long by 20 metres wide) totalling 600 square metres, and our main job was to overclad it with plastisol coated corrugated metal sheeting.

First our asbestos roofers installed an ash grid bar and clip system, which fixed to existing purlins through the asbestos roof. This provided a cavity for insulation as well as a sub purlin system with which to fix the new plastisol coated corrugated metal sheeting.

Our Walsall asbestos roofers then installed 200mm thick fibre glass insulation and fixed the plastisol coated corrugated metal sheeting to the ash grid, plus we fitted the ridge and verge flashings.

Finally we installed a new Plygene Gutter Liner to the four gutters to make the asbestos roof refurbishment in Walsall water tight.

Below are some of the photos from the project. If you require asbestos overcladding or asbestos roofing repairs in Walsall then please contact us at Industrial Roofing and Maintenance Limited. We serve commercial customers all over the UK.

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The asbestos roofing with our scaffolding running up the side.

The asbestos cement (a/c) roof with our scaffolding running up the side. Safety netting was also used.

Old extractor fans on the asbestos roof

We removed the old extractor fans from the 100 metre long asbestos roofing in Walsall.

Ash grid bar and clip assembly being installed

We installed the ash grid bar and clip assembly over the old grp rooflights, with 200mm thick insulation.

Plastisol coated steel corrugated sheets and Plygene Gutter Liner installed

New 32/1000 plastisol coated steel corrugated sheets and new Plygene Gutter Liner installed.

Overcladding asbestos roofing in Walsall

Near completion photo across the six slopes of the overclad asbestos roofing in Walsall project.