Leaking Flat Roof sealed with Acrypol System 10

Leaking Flat Roof in Burton - Sealed with Acrypol System 10

Industrial Roofing in Walsall were tasked by Craft Central (arts and crafts suppliers) in Burton Upon Trent to remove and replace an old asbestos cement pitched roof with insulated composite panel roofing, and to seal the leaking flat roof ready for opening a new showroom to the public.

The industrial asbestos roof spanned a total of 500 square metres whereas the flat roof covered a 200 square metre area, so we dispatched a three man team of our flat roof and asbestos roofing specialists to Burton on Trent to carry out the works over a three week period.

In sealing the flat roof, the client required a product that carried a 10 year warranty, so a decision was made to use Acrypol System 10, a complete waterproofing refurbishment solution with a tough acrylic resin at its heart.

The photos below show each stage of the leaking flat roof section of the works, being sealed by our Walsall industrial roofing experts, using the Acrypol System 10. If you require help with a leaking industrial flat roof or asbestos roofing removal in Burton Upon Trent (or any other location across the UK) then IRM Roofing are here to help. We serve commercial customers all over the UK.

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Applying sealer to the leaking flat roof in Burton

Stage one was for our flat roof specialists to apply the sealer to the leaking flat roof in Burton.

The sealer helps the Acrypol System 10 to bond

The sealer helps the Acrypol System 10 product to bond more effectively to the substrate.

Sealer applied to the 200 square metre flat roof

Stage one completed, with the sealer applied to the 200 square metre flat roof.

Asbestos roofing replaced with insulated composite panels

Our Walsall asbestos roofing specialists replaced the A/C roof with the insulated composite panels.

Applying the base coat to the up stands

One of our flat roof specialists in Burton Upon Trent, applying the base coat to the up stands.

Cracks had allowed water to leak

There were cracks in the up stands that had allowed water to leak into the building.

Basecoat applied to brickwork up stands

The basecoat is applied to the upstands before filling in the main flat roof area.

Walsall flat roof specialists bedding in the reinforced acrylic fleece

Our flat roof specialists bedding the reinforced acrylic fleece into the Acrypol System 10 Basecoat.

Applying the Acrypol System 10 Basecoat and fleece

Applying the Acrypol System 10 Basecoat and fleece to the main roof area.

Adjoining property in the background

Stage two completed with adjoining property in the background, behind the designated boundary line.

Tins of Acrypol System 10 Topcoat

Industrial Roofing in Walsall are approved installers of Acrypol products.

Stage three begins

After the basecoat and fleece application has been completed, stage three begins.

Final treatment layer to the industrial flat roof

The Acrypol System 10 Topcoat is applied as the final treatment layer to the industial flat roof.

Spreading the Acrypol System 10 Topcoat using a rubber spreader

Our Walsall flat roof experts spreading the Acrypol System 10 Topcoat using a rubber spreader.

Nearing inspection by an Acrypol representative

Stage three almost completed - allow for drying and then inspection by an Acrypol representative.

Completed flat roof works in Burton Upon Trent

On completion of the works, the product warranty is issued to the client from Acrypol products.